February 4, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast

 Every year, the girls' preschool has a "feast"  and invites the families to come hear the kids sing and then have an early lunch
 Papa Bear came to the feast, but I'm not sure how well he could see (his glasses were broken)
best friends!

 They always have a lot of crafts ready for the children to do, I'm not sure I could squat like Curly Bear, ever.
 grinding corn?
Curly did not perform, but they had made costumes in her class anyway

 maybe she's on the Indians softball team?
cheering on big sister

Curly Bear is currently obsessed with breakfast cereals and eats them at any time of the day.  She loves "o's" (Cheerios), eareal (honey bunches of oats), and rice poppies (rice krispies).  This morning she dropped her spoon and yelled "hay-elp!" (she's southern)  I picked up the spoon and gave it her.  She then hugged it, and patted it saying "it otay boon, you be otay"

Goldilocks has enjoyed making snowflakes out of paper and scissors.  She needs help folding, but is very good with scissors.  She has made nearly 50 snowflakes that are hanging in our kitchen and dining room windows!

Papa Bear is working hard, working out, and yesterday he gave blood.

I've trying to clean out some closets, baking cakes, reading books for pleasure (couldn't do this while in school!), and cooking for the family - breakfast for dinner tonight :)   She is also wondering about velveeta fudge which her friend tried and claims is good.  Sounds weird to me, so weird I need to try it.  I also need to try bacon chocolate chip cookies.  Anyone have a recipe for those?

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  1. Cute pics Beth!!
    Dumbo and Small World are my girls favorites at the M.K.

    It will be great to see ya'll.
    Am showing your blog to the girls and they like it!!

    Auntie Alison