August 12, 2011

visit from friends

 My college friend, Amy, lives about an hour from us and brought her boys over to play one day.
 Our kids get along very well and it is always fun to catch up with friends!  My camera was NOT cooperating that day and all the pictures are blurry - boo!

August 11, 2011

80's night!

Devo guitarist w/flowerpot tray hat
 Our friends Marc and Kathy threw a birthday bash for Marc's 40th.  All of the guests came dressed up, 80s style and we had a lot of fun meeting new friends and seeing some old friends we used to go to church with.
$3 dress from Goodwill, crimped hair, blue eyeshadow

happy 40th Marc!

August 9, 2011

Curly Bear's birthday

This summer we celebrated Curly's birthday with cousins and friends from church and school at a local park.  The kids had fun on the playground and we decorated the picnic pavilion with a Dr. Seuss theme.

 We weren't planning to open gifts during the party since we were having fun on the playground, but it started thundering and threatened to rain.  We passed out popsicles for everyone to enjoy and let
Curly Bear open the gifts

for me Mom?

We are very grateful for all of the friends and family who helped us celebrate!