April 3, 2013

Goldilock's 7th birthday
She choose a winter wonderland theme.  We did a terrible job with pictures, so these 2 are all you get!  I ordered some snowflake bags and winter wreath kits from Oriental Trading, got a make your own foam snowman kit from either Target or Michaels, let kids make scarves from fleece, and had lots of hot chocolate and marshmallows.  The cupcakes were cute, some had piks with snowflakes, others looked like snowman heads.  We finished off the party with an encore snowball (cotton ball) fight

April 2, 2013

Angry Birds party - May 2012

Curly LOVES Angry Birds so I scoured Pinterest and the internet and found lots of great ideas for the party.  We had it at the park again this year.
the grandpas helped with the large angry bird game.  each guest took home a  bird (playground ball)

make your own angry bird feeder (pinecones, yarn, peanut butter, birdseed)

 there was also a coloring station with lots of different angry bird pictures from the internet

Curly opted for cupcakes instead of cake, and she and her sister decorated all of them

snack station: gummy worms, sunflower seeds, bird poop (M&Ms), and something that was really popular but I can't remember what it was!  the little cups are bathroom size cups

April 1, 2013

Pajamas and Pancakes!

december 2011

this was the theme of Goldilock's 6th birthday
all the kids showed up about 10 am in their pjs!
Papa Bear cooked up a big breakfast with lots of toppings

 The kids made fruit loop necklaces and used fabric markers to decorate a pillowcase to take home.

 The party ended with a massive snowball (cotton ball) fight.  I gave all the kids a plastic baggie and they picked up (cleaned up) all the snowballs.  I told them to attack their dads when they got home HA!

I've gotten completely behind on blogging, haven't I?  Here are some cakes that have kept me busy
Ultimate Frisbee grooms cake

Wedding cake!

a few hundred pound cakes baked in jars!