June 19, 2011

Disney part 6

Our last day, we got up early and headed for early admission to Magic Kingdom.  We went straight to Fantasyland and got in line for Dumbo!
 Goldilocks favorite ride was the teacups, and we rode them twice!
 We rode the carousel
 While Papa bear stood in the line to meet Rapunzel, I took the girls to meet the fairy godmother.
 Finally, we met Rapunzel and Flynn.  "how long does it take to wash your hair?" "3 or 4 hours"

 We waved at Pooh and Tigger, Peter Pan, and Pinnochio during the day.
 Our last princess to meet was Tiana!

 After meeting Tiana and her prince, we went over to wait for the parade.  Donald gave Goldilocks and some other girls a big squeeze!
 We put Curly up on Papa Bear's shoulders and she had a blast waving at all of the characters

Curly completely conked out in her stroller after the parade was over.  She didn't even wake up when we put a Popsicle on her neck.  We decided to head back to the hotel to swim, eat dinner, and pack.  The last morning, we packed up our truck and took the boat over to downtown Disney for some souvenir shopping and lunch at Rainforest Cafe.  The food was delicious, but it was really noisy.  Curly HATED it.  She had her hands on her ears the whole time, and was scared of the occasional "rainstorm".  We had to get her lunch to go.  We were all sad to leave Disney and our "ho-tay-el"! 

June 18, 2011

Disney part 5

After the princess breakfast and meeting a few more characters we missed on the first day, we headed to Hollywood studios.  We ate some lunch and then went to watch the Beauty and the Beast show.  The girls loved it!

 We also saw the playhouse disney jr show - very fun!

 Met the Little Einsteins!!

We wore our 3D glasses and rode the toy story ride.  Goldilocks got the most points!
We also watched the Voyage of the Little Mermaid.  Curly fell sound asleep while we were waiting in line for this, and only watched part of it.  We went back to the "ho-tay-el" and had dinner with the cousins on their last night.

June 17, 2011

Disney Part 4

Monday morning, we got up and headed to Epcot for the princess breakfast. 
We had reservations for 9:25, but they sent us in around 8:45 since we were there early.

 Goldilocks walked with Ariel in the princess parade and Curly went with Cinderella

 Curly sang her favorite princess song from Sleeping Beauty's movie,  Goldilocks and Aurora joined in!
 After breakfast, Papa Bear chatted with an old coworker that was also at the breakfast (random!) and then we waited for Pixie Hollow to open so we could meet Tinkerbell.
 Next, we went to Epcot's character spot and met 5 characters at once!  The line was in an air conditioned room with big screen tvs playing some old classic cartoons.

Epcot truly is the best park to meet characters!

June 16, 2011

Disney Part 3

The next morning, we attended a delicious wedding brunch at one of the Disney hotels.

After the brunch we went over to Magic Kingdom

We only had a few hours here today, so we rode the train, the Jungle Cruise, climbed the Swiss Family Robinson tree-house, drove some little boats, and saw the tail end of the parade.  Then we took a boat over to the Grand Floridian and surprised the girls with the news that we were eating dinner with Cinderella!

 I had hidden some special clothes in the bag

Curly, what are you doing down there messing with Cinderella's dress?

"glass swippers?"

Curly goes down for another look

now they are comparing shoes

 Lady Tremaine told Goldilocks to stop hiding in the corner.

 "you shouldn't have torn Cinderella's pink dress!"  "I don't know what you're talking about.  She really should find a better tailor"
 dancing with Prince Charming
 Has your mother ever been investigated because of the suspicious deaths of two husbands?

 After putting the girls to bed in the ho-tay-el room, Grandma came over and babysat so we could go ride some roller-coasters that the girls are too little to ride.