November 30, 2010

Papa Bear's birthday

singing to daddy

Goldilocks took this picture of us after dinner!

um, turn your head sideways...

November 3, 2010

Book signing with Bakerella

Around here, we like to make cupcake pops
 The other day, we went to meet Bakerella, a sweet lady who managed to come up with an idea for cupcake pops.  I originally saw her on Martha Stewart a few years ago, and have followed her baking blog ever since.  Now she has a book explaining how to make them.
 Goldilocks told her about how she likes to help me bake, and Angie told me I need to visit the CakeArt store, which sound dangerous for a baker like me!

trying out the scary pumpkin pop (picture by Tom, the nice photographer who shared a picture taking tip with my husband)

Curly Bear picked out a cat cake pop, she is currently obsessed with cats.  She rubs her head on me and meows, and pretends to lick her paw

baby shower cake!

November 2, 2010

Treasure Hunt

 before we left the grandparent's house (day after wedding), we had a treasure hunt with Goldilocks and Curly Bear.
 First we found a key.....
 Pico the cat joined our quest
 next, they found some lollipops

 look! the treasure box!