February 18, 2011

Union, dearest Union

I'm joining up with Kelly's Korner today - its all about alma maters.
Ours is Union University in Jackson, TN, which is about an hour east of Memphis and 2 hrs west of Nashville. Its a conservative Southern Baptist school and I loved it!

Union had about 2000 students when I was there and the class sizes were small enough that you usually knew everyone by name, and you definitely got to know your professors and might even end up grilling out at their house or babysitting for them! When all the residents were displaced by the tornado a few years ago, no students spent the night at the red cross shelter - They were picked up by professors and staff members, and church members in town.  That's the kind of Christian love that speaks volumes about Union!
The city of Jackson has 3 colleges in town so the churches in and around town all have great college ministries.  Union provides opportunities for students to go on mission trips during spring break and summer.  Union has built a lot of new buildings in the past 10 yrs since I've been there and now thanks to the tornado that flattened the dorms, there are brand new apartment style dorms. 

I met my husband there!

I was fortunate that I had lots of wonderful roommates, one of which I've known since birth :)

We have managed to see each other every year or so as people have gotten married or had babies :)
Most recently some of us got together in ATL to meet one of the new babies

I'm having NERTs withdrawals to this day.

I have tons of pictures from college, but sadly they are pre-digital.  I need to scan them!
Okay fellow Union alums,  lets hear some of your favorite memories


  1. We live in Jackson and even though we didn't go to school here....we love UU!

  2. I also went to Union! Graduated in 2001. I met my husband there, too!