March 31, 2011

what do I pick?

This morning I paid $24 for $40 worth of personalized kids merchandise from Lima Beans kids.
  My problem is their stuff is all really cute and I don't know what to pick - HELP!

I'm leaning towards personalized water bottles or personalized plates...or maybe a lunch box?
What would you pick?

Here is the link to Famgrab if you want to get this deal too

March 24, 2011

more Christmas

Every year, we celebrate Christmas with my dad's family.  Here is the annual group photo, which is always an adventure to make.

March 23, 2011


 We celebrated at home...

 at the grandparents' house...

and we ate birthday brownies!!!

March 22, 2011

Goldilock's birthday

 We had to postpone Goldilock's birthday party because she had a stomach virus, but we managed to have it in January, right before we got snowed in for a week.  All of her church friends came over for a princess tea party and had cake and "tea" with real china teacups. 

Before and After

During Christmas break, Goldilocks finally decided she wanted to get her hair cut - 
no more tangles!!!
We are going to send her ponytail to Locks of Love

March 4, 2011

My Family

by Mama Bear

Today over at Kelly's Korner its Show Us Your Family day!

I love my family!  It all started out with my parents and big brother.  We were a pretty normal suburban family.  My parents grew up in this small town, which had grown a bit by the time my brother had arrived.  It was not uncommon to run into an old or current friend or distant cousin as we were out.
  I need to work on scanning some more of my old photos!  Here are some OLD pictures of me with parents, grandparents, great aunt and my brother

We had a lot of fun taking summer trips, and many summers visited my grandparents who lived about an hour from the beach.  I was blessed to grow up in a Christian, loving family led by parents who truly led by example. My dad worked for the local water dept all of my life (still does) and is a mr. fix-it.  My mom cooked homemade meals every night, teaches SS at church, and plays the piano sometimes at church. (she was the church pianist when I was in the womb)  My older brother enjoyed playing sports growing up and I watched him play a gazillion basketball games.  He and my dad were the sound Guys at church and eventually he got a degree in sound engineering. He got married this past October!!

Here we are today, plus some new members.

March 1, 2011


This morning I met John and Cecilia of  They were picking the brains of local moms to find out how to improve famgrab and it was fun to talk to all of the other moms.
Famgrab is a daily deal site aimed towards families in Atlanta, but they also have deals in other cities such as Nashville (yay!), Dallas, Orlando, and more.  They feature discounts on food, entertainment, services, etc.

click below and take a look!