January 29, 2011

This summer

This summer Papa Bear's sister is going to get married at Walt Disney World.  We are excited for her, and excited that the girls will get a chance to meet some of their favorite Disney characters.  We have hotels and tickets taken care of (yay for military discounts!), and have signed up for dinner with Cinderella and breakfast with some other princesses.  One of Papa Bear's co-workers got some autograph books for the girls to use, but I am looking for tips and advice from the blogging world.  Our girls will be barely 3 and 5 1/2.  I would like to know about the rides and attractions that they would love (or not!), as well as some of the cheaper and or healthy places to eat around Disney. Please share!
P.S.  If you know us in real life, please do not mention Disney to our girls.  They know about the wedding but not where it will be, we are keeping this as a BIG surprise!

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