October 27, 2009

October 23, 2009

Birthday Fun!

This week we celebrated Papa Bear's birthday! Goldilocks and I made a cake with just cake mix and 12 oz of Coca-Cola. It turned out to be delicious and Goldi put the sprinkles on top. The singing birthday cards were a huge hit! Curly Bear picked out a spongebob card, and Goldilocks gave him one with Mr. Rogers singing about cows and ducks. If I can figure out how to put video on here, I will show you these silly singing cards. We were very proud of Goldilocks - she decided on her own what she wanted to get Papa Bear for his birthday, picked it out at the store, helped wrap it, and kept the secret for 3 days! We couldn't believe it!

October 19, 2009

Under the Sea

Ariel is evidently THE character to help celebrate your birthday this year (if you are a girl, and a kid). So far I've made 2 Ariel doll cakes in the past month and a half, and have 1 more to make this weekend. Did I mention I had to turn down someone (too busy!) who wanted this same cake a few weeks ago?
Lucy Belle's cake was the first one. I based the design on a picture of another cake that Lucy Belle's mother found online.
When Anna Grace saw a picture of this cake, she wanted the same cake, so I got to do it again!
This week I'm going to do it all over again for another special little girl!

October 6, 2009

October 6, 2009

Evidently I'm not very good at keeping up with a blog...

My heart hurts for our friends. It was so good to see their faces and hug them a few weeks ago, but I think I still cry almost every day when I think of them. Pray for them - www.maxeyweb.com

In more normal news, Papa Bear is finally permanently employed!!! Now we just need to get rid of a little debt, and build the emergency fund back up. We are praying Papa's car and the house behave themselves until the finances are back in order. It will be nice to have real health insurance (don't get me started) and prescription coverage again.

Goldilocks is enjoying AWANA at church, it thrills my heart to hear her learning Bible verses.

Curly Bear is continuing to grow her curly hair, is a daredevil, and loves to smile! She is gaining print awareness at 16 mths. go girl! she starts yelling the names of letters whenever she sees the alphabet.

We are really enjoying our zoo pass this year, and we are able to take friends with us on our pass. Last week, we took our youth ministers' family with us and I made sure I took the camera and posted the pictures on facebook for him to see. (He is d*ployed right now)

Curly Bear was being a little goofy...

The big girls

This semester I am taking Theory of Reading - yuck! Material isn't all that interesting, but I love my professors, and the class of almost 40 has a lot of, errrr, "interesting" personalities in it. I've got part of a paper due monday, gotta get cracking! My other class is about Co-teaching, sort of interesting. I'm studying for a midterm on Thursday.
I'm already looking forward to graduation this next summer. We are definitely throwing a party!