May 29, 2010

Birthday #2, Party #2 & AWANA awards

Sunday, Goldilocks and I made some cupcakes for Curly Bear's actual birthday.  Papa Bear's parents came to help us celebrate her birthday and attend the AWANA awards.  
She got some more presents too!
After this, we went to church for the AWANA awards.  I am the Cubbies director (3&4 yr olds) and this was Goldilock's first year to participate.
Afterwards, there was ice cream and bouncy houses for the kids.

May 28, 2010

Problem solving and Cookies

My girls love puzzles.  Here Goldilocks is helping Curly Bear with an alphabet puzzle.

Since we did not have a birthday party with Curly Bear's friends, we took the party/cookies to church with us on her birthday.  Papa Bear, Goldilocks & I made some Sesame Street cookies with a cookie press.  The press was frustrating at first because the dough was too cold, but once it started working it was a lot of fun.
We made some bags of cookies to send home with her friends at church.

May 27, 2010


When it was time to leave my parents' house, we drove home through Alabama because of this
yep, a big sinkhole shut down I-24, so we completely avoided the area, assuming the detour traffic wouldn't be any fun.  I'm just glad no one died, which is amazing.

Anyway, it was kind of fun to take a route we used to take a long time ago through Alabama.  It reminded of going to visit my grandparents in the summer because we would always stop at the rest area with the rocket.
Goldilocks thought it was really neat and wanted to know if it was going to blast off and if we could go inside.

May 26, 2010

Birthday #2, Party #1

This picture cracks me up - Goldilocks has smushed her face in the chair.
We celebrated Curly Bear's birthday with my family one night while visiting the grandparents.  I forgot to take a group picture.  Curly squealed so loud (when we were singing to her) that her face turned red. 
Curly Bear enjoyed opening her presents.  She really liked this pink shirt!

Uncle Bryan gave her some colored wooden building blocks

May 25, 2010


This is my old baby doll named, Baby.  I was creative as a child, can you tell? ha!  Goldilocks was playing with her at my parents' house last week and I reminded her that used to be my special doll.  She said she wanted to take her home and love her forever, and of course that made me melt.
We went to visit a dear friend and her new baby girl.  The last time I was in town was her due date and I had fully expected to meet her then, but she did not cooperate.  Goldilocks was in love, and kept giving her toys to hold.
Baby L was a little overstimulated by the 3 of us - notice Curly Bear trying to give her some hand sanitizer....

May 24, 2010

Sand & Water

Last week the girls and I went up to visit my parents for a few days, and we celebrated Curly Bear's birthday while we were there.  "amama" & "B-papa" gave her a water/sand table for her birthday.

The first afternoon was hot, so we played in the water.  The next morning, it was cold outside so we decided to skip the water and just play with sand.

The girls also had a lot of fun with the neighborhood cat both days.  This cat was really friendly and not skittish at all.  He loved to be petted and followed us around whenever we were outside.
Curly Bear kept giving the cat things like sticks and leaves for some reason.  The cat humored her and took them, making Curly laugh and laugh and laugh and squeal.
We enjoyed spending lots of time with Grandma, and even got in some reading time with Grandpa too!

May 16, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Friday night was the end of the year program for Goldilock's preschool.  They sang 3 songs, and we have video.  Maybe we can get it on here (cross your fingers).

This is the result of cookies, punch and being up past bedtime...

May 15, 2010

Fun Morning

Friday, at Goldilock's preschool, they had their annual fun day.  All of the teachers set up a game or activity for the kids to do, and it is always lots of fun.  In the picture above, Goldilocks is playing a game with her teacher from last year.  Somehow I didn't take a picture of her with her teachers from this year or her best buddy.
 Curly Bear got her first tattoo and HATED it!  I rubbed it off with a baby wipe about 10 minutes later.

Curly did enjoy the scratch art station.  Next we had fun with the barnyard animals who come every year.  The laughs and giggles are contagious when the animals eat out of the girls' hands.
Is your mama a llama?

May 12, 2010

Adventures in dressmaking

This is a picture of a dress I made for Curly Bear's 2nd birthday.  It is made with a (too big) plain t-shirt, fabric sewn on for the skirt, and an applique made from felt and polka dot fabric.  This dress was the easier of the two, I think because I didn't have to deal with armholes.

After I made this, Goldilocks wanted me to try making a dress for her too.  I did not have t-shirt to use, but I had enough cupcake fabric to make her a dress.  I did not want to deal with zippers or buttonholes, so I did some research and came up with this.

I used this website, Prudent Baby, for the instructions.

I am in no way an expert sewer, but I'm not afraid to try.  Its just fabric!
This was my first time to sew an actual dress for either girl, and probably it won't be the last :)

Mother's Day brunch

Every year, Goldilock's preschool has a nice brunch for the mothers.
This year, Papa Bear was nice and took Curly Bear out for lunch so that I could actually enjoy my lunch with Goldilocks.
Curly Bear was surprised and excited to see Papa in the middle of the day.

Meanwhile, I was treated to a show before lunch.
Goldilocks was excited because she got to stand by her best buddy!

There were keepsakes on the table waiting for the mothers, including a nice non-smiling picture of Goldilocks in a picture frame she decorated.

 Lunch was delicious as always 

Here are two friends who were sitting at our table
 and the best buddy who came over to say hello
Last, but not least, a squeeze for Mama Bear!