February 23, 2011

mom told me not to dip my fingers in my ketchup

We finally got another hard drive which means we were able to get all 761 pictures off our camera!
Papa Bear's parents came to stay with us over Thanksgiving weekend and helped do more work on the house.  Poor Curly Bear was very sick (bronchitis) and we went to the doctor the day before and the day after Thanksgiving.  She was so congested she was throwing up and I couldn't get the medicine in her.
 Curly Bear sat down in front of the tv when the dog show came on, and 5 min. later when I went to get her to sit down for dinner, I found her sound asleep.
the next weekend (I think) Mama Bear's brother and his new wife came for a quick visit.  Curly Bear showed off her impeccable table manners.  Watch the video to see her in action.
mommy told me not to dip my fingers in my ketchup, but she didn't say anything about my toes!

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