January 28, 2011

Since October,

 this is our new normal
 ripping off siding, adding insulation, repairing, etc.
the work has all been done by Papa Bear and Papaw, with a little help from Mama Bear.
This project started in October/November and is still going.  All of the siding on the back of the house and west side of the house is done, and now we are working on the front.  We also replaced our back door.  The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow (finally!) so hopefully Papa Bear can make good progress this weekend!

Update:  Today we got some work done on the front of the house, but we aren't done yet. We got a late start and had to quit early so I could go deliver a sweet 16 birthday cake. Papa Bear said a lady driving by was in shock to see me cutting the siding with the electric shears (or maybe I was using the drill). We don't think she could see Papa Bear and maybe she thought I was doing it alone - ha ha! um, no.  I just take directions well.

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  1. I. Hate. Home. Renovations. We had a bathroom taken down to the studs and the renovations took FOREVER. i say two things will strain a marriage, "money and home projects." :)