January 24, 2011

Halloween pictures and germs

I'm behind on posting pictures, but here are our Halloween pictures
 Do you know who they are?
 Its Dora the Explorer and her monkey sidekick Boots!
They won a prize for cutest couple at our friends' annual Halloween party.
Boots got to go trick-or-treating for the first time this year
2 weeks ago Curly Bear was sick with a high fever and cough and then passed it to Goldilocks.  They were both sick for 6 days.  They looked at a lot of snow out the window that week!
Today I took Goldilocks back to the doctor's office because she was complaining of her right ear hurting.  She had already been on Omnicef for 5 days because her left ear was infected.  Sure enough, both ears are infected now, so we have changed over to a different and stronger antibiotic - has anyone else had this issue before?  Curly Bear had a stomach bug yesterday, but is fine today.   
germs go away!

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