July 22, 2010


I haven't been up to much lately - here is a picture of a 5th birthday cake from last weekend.  Papa Bear's parents and their puppy dog came up for the weekend along with 25 lbs of peaches.  Most of them are now in the freezer, but we still have plenty for eating.  Our favorite way to eat them is in homemade yogurt along with a bit of honey.
This week the girls and I went to an indoor playground with a pirate theme and they had a blast playing in the sand.  Afterwards we went to a pizza buffet with friends and Goldilocks ate 4 pieces of pizza, a garlic roll, and a slice of dessert pizza.  She ate more than me!

Next week I graduate from the master's program I started when I was pregnant with Curly Bear!

In more exciting news, my brother is getting married!!!  I am going to make the cake and we are very excited that he has finally found someone special :)

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