July 14, 2010

Tellus Museum

Papa Bear took the day off of work and we headed to the Tellus Museum to check it out.  Above is a picture of the pendulum in the lobby.  Don't ask me to explain how it works.  This museum has a lot of replicas of dinosaurs. FUN!
There is a section with lots of rocks and minerals, as well as a section about transportation.
We really enjoyed panning for gems.
Goldilocks and I had a system, I scooped and shook, and she picked out the gems and put them in the bag.
Curly Bear really enjoyed using the brush to "excavate" the dinosaur "bones".  However, the pieces of rubber got stuck in her hair, and I even found some in her diaper later. sigh.  After a very reasonably priced lunch in the cafe, we went to the play area and had lots of fun.
Curly Bear's favorite thing was the drum 
This museum is only a few years old and is north of Atlanta right beside I-75
Here's a link to their website Tellus Museum

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