August 2, 2010


I graduated!
I started working on my masters in education right before I got pregnant with Curly Bear, took 2 semesters off, and finally finished my degree this summer.  Boy am I glad to be done, my girls are glad to have mommy back, and Papa Bear is happy to have clean laundry again. ha!  Because the graduation ceremony was at night, the girls stayed home with a babysitter while my parents and brother and Papa Bear went to watch.

getting my hood
Megan was right in front of me, I was glad I got to sit by the only other graduate I knew! We also witnessed the university's first doctoral graduate, a neat and unexpected surprise
next picture is me with one of my professors
Dr. Wallace and I
finally found my family!  
He is glad I am finally DONE! Couldn't have done it without him!
congrats. you will get your diploma in 6 wks.

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  1. That is awesome Beth! What an accomplishment! I started back to school this summer with two online classes. I am taking a full load on campus at Motlow this fall. I am a freshman not having any college behind me. Well, I did go for one year but I didn't really go if you know what I mean! My only regret, not having the college experience before marrying and starting a family. You live you learn! I am going to add you to my blog roll over at Keep in touch Beth!