May 8, 2010


After lunch, we took the kids to pick some strawberries.  Yum!
 The kids did a great job picking strawberries, even Curly Bear got in on it, but got frustrated and whiny (it was naptime)
 The beds were raised, which made it easier to pick them.
Goldilocks ended up with half a bucketful, and it was getting too heavy for her to carry.
After we paid for our strawberries, we got some catfish food and let the kids feed the fish.

I was glad I had dressed the girls in overalls, notice the firm grip Grandma had on Goldilocks.
The cousins were very patient while they waited for Goldilocks to finish her bag.  Niece #3 and I helped her out with her bag because she was throwing the food ONE piece at a time.  I politely reminded her about the juice box waiting for her, and challenged her to see how much she could throw at once.
We enjoyed eating strawberry shortcakes for dessert that evening, and Papa Bear and I made some strawberry freezer jam. YUMMY!

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