May 6, 2010

Lizards and Cousins

Our oldest nephew loves lizards and reptiles, always has.  I can't remember what kind of lizard this was, but he knows.
He introduced my girls to this lizard.
Curly Bear was fascinated, and thankfully didn't squish the thing.
This was right before the lizard jumped on her, somehow I didn't get a picture of that.  Meanwhile, Goldilocks was busy playing the in sand pile with nephew #2
 My apologies, it is no longer a sand pile, but more of a beach after a year of grand-kids and rain.  Goldilocks looked at her cousin and said "Whew!  I've been playing in the sand for hours!"  That actually wasn't far from the truth!
 Here is niece #3, playing with the newest farm addition.
Tune in tomorrow for more pictures from the farm and our trip to pick strawberries

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