May 24, 2010

Sand & Water

Last week the girls and I went up to visit my parents for a few days, and we celebrated Curly Bear's birthday while we were there.  "amama" & "B-papa" gave her a water/sand table for her birthday.

The first afternoon was hot, so we played in the water.  The next morning, it was cold outside so we decided to skip the water and just play with sand.

The girls also had a lot of fun with the neighborhood cat both days.  This cat was really friendly and not skittish at all.  He loved to be petted and followed us around whenever we were outside.
Curly Bear kept giving the cat things like sticks and leaves for some reason.  The cat humored her and took them, making Curly laugh and laugh and laugh and squeal.
We enjoyed spending lots of time with Grandma, and even got in some reading time with Grandpa too!


  1. That sand table looks fun. More fun and maybe less messy than a sandbox. Cute pictures!