June 17, 2011

Disney Part 4

Monday morning, we got up and headed to Epcot for the princess breakfast. 
We had reservations for 9:25, but they sent us in around 8:45 since we were there early.

 Goldilocks walked with Ariel in the princess parade and Curly went with Cinderella

 Curly sang her favorite princess song from Sleeping Beauty's movie,  Goldilocks and Aurora joined in!
 After breakfast, Papa Bear chatted with an old coworker that was also at the breakfast (random!) and then we waited for Pixie Hollow to open so we could meet Tinkerbell.
 Next, we went to Epcot's character spot and met 5 characters at once!  The line was in an air conditioned room with big screen tvs playing some old classic cartoons.

Epcot truly is the best park to meet characters!

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