June 14, 2011

Disney Part 1

Oh what fun!  We did not tell the girls we were going to Disney until we were almost there!  They only knew we were going to Aunt MB's wedding reception.  Here they are with a few cousins the afternoon we arrived.

 There was a late night fireworks party at Magic Kingdom as part of the wedding festivities, but we did not attend, we knew the girls could not survive two late nights in a row.  Instead, we headed over to Downtown Disney (by boat from our ho-tay-el), ate some sandwiches, and let the girls pick out some ear hats.
 The next morning, we went with Papaw and Grandma over to "apricot".  We rode a few gentle rides and then met as many characters as we could before leaving to get ready for the wedding reception. 
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 Daisy Duck was the first one we met!

 Stitch messed up everyone's hats
 Mary Poppins asked the girls if they kept their rooms tidy. 
 Mulan was the first princess we met, and maybe the sweetest!
 We love Snow White!!!

 Aladdin and Jasmine
Belle!  We were originally trying to meet her and the Beast too, but they let everyone who just wanted to meet Belle come to the front of the line before they brought him out into the HOT!
After meeting Belle, we had to leave and get ourselves ready for the wedding reception.

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