June 16, 2011

Disney Part 3

The next morning, we attended a delicious wedding brunch at one of the Disney hotels.

After the brunch we went over to Magic Kingdom

We only had a few hours here today, so we rode the train, the Jungle Cruise, climbed the Swiss Family Robinson tree-house, drove some little boats, and saw the tail end of the parade.  Then we took a boat over to the Grand Floridian and surprised the girls with the news that we were eating dinner with Cinderella!

 I had hidden some special clothes in the bag

Curly, what are you doing down there messing with Cinderella's dress?

"glass swippers?"

Curly goes down for another look

now they are comparing shoes

 Lady Tremaine told Goldilocks to stop hiding in the corner.

 "you shouldn't have torn Cinderella's pink dress!"  "I don't know what you're talking about.  She really should find a better tailor"
 dancing with Prince Charming
 Has your mother ever been investigated because of the suspicious deaths of two husbands?

 After putting the girls to bed in the ho-tay-el room, Grandma came over and babysat so we could go ride some roller-coasters that the girls are too little to ride.

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