August 18, 2010


Last weekend, Papa Bear and I took a last minute trip to Tybee Island by ourselves to celebrate our 10 yr wedding anniversary (a little late) and my graduation. Neither one of us had been there before, and we enjoyed exploring a new place. 
We preferred to stand next to the lighthouse, instead of peering over the railing.
We survived the climb to the top of the lighthouse, and I have to admit, my legs were a little sore 2 days later, I blame it on the fact that I have no stairs in my house :)
We at lunch under one of the blue umbrellas at the North Beach Grill

All of our food was good, we needed more time on the island to make it to all of the recommended places. Besides the above, we ate at the Sundae Cafe(not cafe-ish at all, but delicious), Cafe Loco (awesome), tried to eat at The Breakfast Club but their power was out, so we ate at JJ's.

  We got a condo through and stayed at the Savannah Beach and Raquet ClubWe discovered that the north beach has quieter waves and lots of dophins.

Thanks Grandma for keeping the cubs occupied during our trip!!

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  1. Hi there! We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed our little island! We love hearing how much visitors love everything Tybee has to offer. Don't be a stranger, please come back soon!
    ~Melissa with