April 23, 2010

Military Brat meets Civilian

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today it is How you met your Husband day over at Kelly's Korner

Once upon a time there was a military brat who lived all over the country and the world until his father retired. Meanwhile, there was a civilian girl who grew up in a middle TN suburb, in one house, went to one Christian school, went to the same church until she left for college.  

Girl hangs out with friend (Emily) she met at youth camp, met Emily because her youth minister was from girl's home church and attended same Christian Univ. Girl goes home with Emily to attend Halloween hayride at her church, sees more camp friends, meets new pastor, his wife, and daughter.  
Boy transfers to TN in January to be close to his family who has landed in the state of his birth. Boy's father happens to be Emily's new pastor. 

Emily helps Boy get oriented on campus, which leads to boy meets girl in the hallway outside the cafeteria.  Boy follows girl out of dinner the next night, but girl wasn't really interested because someone else had asked her out.
The next night, boy and girl talked on the phone for several hours.
Friday night, sat next to each other during college night at the movie theater. Sunday night - She ate all of his french fries at O'Charleys on their first date  - February 1997.
Boy and girl committed early on in the relationship to not waste each others time if we thought the relationship wasn't working.
Boy and girl spent many weekends driving to see boy's family an hour away, and they never listened to the radio, only talked.  We ate a lot of home cooking on the weekends to make up for the cafeteria food during the week! ;)

We knew there was something special

fast forward to 1999

The proposal happened one Friday evening when boy picks up girl for a date night, using girl's favorite candy.
Of course I said yes!
Soon, we graduated from college and got ready for a new life.


We have had lots of fun together and are blessed!
Our 10th wedding anniversary is this summer!!!

We plan to take a trip (alone!) this fall after I'm done with school for our anniversary.

Love you Papa Bear!!