April 21, 2010

coffee, rocks, and crayons

Today, the girls and I went and met our friend Kathy for some coffee (and hot chocolate for Goldilocks).  It was fun to catch up on what our families had been doing.  We used to go to church together, and taught a 3 yr old class together for several years. Now we live 45 min apart and go to different churches which makes it a little harder to see each other.  I forgot to take a picture so I'm stealing one from a friend's facebook page.  Pretend we sitting on the patio of the coffee shop, and the girls are coloring, eating snacks, and playing with rocks.

 Kathy is a dental hygienist, so Goldilocks decided to talk teeth with her for a minute.  Here's the general gist of the conversation...
Goldilocks:  I haven't lost any teeth yet
Kathy: yes, but you will one day
Goldilocks: Its taking TOO LONG! (using hands to emphasize, then sighs)
This hot chocolate is really good.

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