March 11, 2010

She finally did it,

Goldilocks put something up her nose.
I couldn't believe it when Grandma said "She's put something in her nose"
Goldilocks told us it was an eye (wiggly craft eye)

After peering up her nose with a flashlight, I decided I could get it with tweezers, except, we didn't have any tweezers.

Papaw went and got some at the drugstore, then held the flashlight while I went after it.

Goldilocks had sneezed several times after I looked up her nose, which helped move the "eye" further out.

Goldilocks lay very very still and I was able to get it out after a couple of tries, and even got a huge hug afterwards.

Now she knows not to put anything in her nose or ear EVER!

On Monday, when the weather was great, Goldilocks played outside with her Grandma, while Papaw was working on Papa Bear's truck. He was working hard under the truck and the conversation went something like this
Goldilocks: Papaw, are you being careful?
Papaw: yes, I'm being careful (thinks its sweet she is concerned about him)
Goldilocks: no, papaw, are you being careful?
Papaw: yes, I'm being very careful
Goldilocks: be careful papaw, there's a worm right next to you.

Poor papaw, the little worm-lover wasn't concerned about him at all :)

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  1. Ha Ha!! Alana put a tiny hair rubber band up her nose when she was about 2. Pulled it out of her hair and shoved it up there. It was not funny at the time, but we all had a good laugh later. Tweezers and her daddy saved us. She was crying so much we thought she was going to snort it up further. Oh, these kids.