March 20, 2010


For the past few years, I have volunteered and sold items at a consignment sale around the corner from us. It is a lot of fun to meet other local moms and get great deals on clothes and toys. This year I needed dresses for Goldilocks, and toys for Curly Bear's birthday.
The stuff above came from the half-price sale - can't beat 50 cent shirts and pjs!

The stuff pictured below is most of what I got the first time around,
minus 2 pairs of barely worn shoes and a DVD

Between the pre-sale and half price sale I spent $110, and came home with a 32 items I think, which gives an average price of $3.40. The highest price I paid was $6 for a single item, lowest was 50 cents!

I sold $50 worth of stuff - after the sellers fee I keep 70% which gives me back $30 - which leaves me spending a total of $80. not gonna figure out the average per item now, but this is why I love consignment sales - its time consuming, but saving money is worth it.

Curly Bear was excited to dress up in something her size, most of the dressups are too big!

I have heard Dave Ramsey talk about how children's items are one of the biggest inflated markets out there. Its a lot of overpriced stuff that is barely worn or played with...

Here's my breakdown (I think I remembered everything)

10 books (2 to send to a friend)
1 magnet book
toys - Dancing Elmo, princess vanity, baby doll with carrier & high chair, pretend mixer, Elmo radio, Little Einstein doll
2 DVDs
Goldilocks - 6 dresses, 1 never worn, and 1 strausberg, 2 shirts, 1 outfit, shoes - white mary janes & hot pink mary janes
Curly Bear - 2 dresses, 1 outfit w/hat & shoes, 2 pair pjs, cinderella dress up outfit, shorts & shirt, and a sleepsack

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