September 17, 2010


last Saturday, we had a long busy day.  First, we made muffins that taste like doughnuts (recipe from the pioneer woman), and then headed to the annual company picnic.
The picnic shelter was next to a river and it was very pretty.  There were lots of activities set up so Goldilocks and Curly Bear decided to start with ping pong.
They mostly chased the ball.  There was a playground by the picnic shelter and Curly Bear went down the slide 10 million times.

We got there a bit early, so Goldilocks was one of the first to get her face painted.  This lasted until she decided to dance in the rain while we hid under the picnic shelter.
One of Papa Bear's co-workers has a big military truck that he always brings to the picnics.  He gave us a hayride - Goldilocks enjoyed it, and Curly Bear LOVED it!

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