June 15, 2010

Busy, busy, dreadfully busy,

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, and I'm not hiding either. Just BUSY with summer classes.  I haven't been taking pictures, and most of my time is taken by homework, hugging and playing with little girls, cakes, homework, husband, homework, housework, cooking, homework. did I mention homework?
I will be very glad when graduation arrives at the end of July.

Tonight at dinner,
Goldilocks: mama, when is it going to rain? (we were hearing thunder)
me: I don't know, I'm not in charge of the rain, God is.
Goldilocks: oh, okay.
me: you can ask God about it, but He doesn't always tell us everything,  we usually have to wait and see
Goldilocks:  "mama, how much do you love Jesus?"
me: "a whole lot, ....more than chocolate milk"
Grandma: wow!
Goldilocks: (eyes got really big), "I love Jesus really much!"

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