February 25, 2010

Throw it down, Moses

This past weekend, I was able to return to my hometown for a youth choir/youth group reunion of sorts with our old youth minister, music minister, and our old pastor was there too. Above you will see the Victory Valley bobsled team making a final? appearance. They were able to get their revenge on Tonya Harding this year. We had a choir rehearsal in the afternoon and then sang 4 songs at the Saturday evening gathering. I think we sounded pretty good, maybe a little rusty, but these songs were ingrained in our heads in high school and still are 15 & 20 years later.
It was really fun to see the old friends from the youth group, and there were many youth parents there as well. I should have taken many more pictures, but got too caught up in hugging people to remember to take very many pictures.
I was expecting to visit Samantha with a baby this weekend, but baby Linley didn't cooperate...
My friends did a great job putting the reunion event together and Matt made some videos and slideshows from the "old" days. I don't know how to put them here, but the youtube channel name is bobsledunited

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