December 16, 2009


When our good friends came to visit recently, we took the kids to Fernbank so the the dinosaur crazy boy could see the bones. It was amazing to see how big these replicas were. In our house we call them dinosaurs, but we got an education that week about all of the names of the different dinosaurs and what they ate and stuff.

After lunch we decided to take the kids to the zoo since we were close by and the weather was nice after weeks of cold and rain. Here is the annual pic of these 2 buddies.
The animals were really surprised to see us after all the cold weather, and we saw maybe 10 other people at the zoo that day. Even the male panda stopped and stared at us for a few minutes, I've never seen the pandas pay any attention to people before. Here is a picture of the funny bird that likes to follow little girls.

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